How An Older, Average-Looking Man Can Date A Hot Lady In Singapore

It would be the dream of nearly every man in Singapore to be able to go on a date with a young, hot and beautiful lady.

However, have you ever noticed how some old, or average-looking man go out with some seriously pretty, young Singaporean lady? How do they do it? Do they have some awesome pick up tricks or?

You can pay for it

One of the easiest ways to go out on a date with any girl in Singapore is to pay for it. And no, we do not just mean paying for the expenses incurred on the date. But to actually pay for it.

Social Escorts

Social escorts in Singapore is among the oldest industry in Singapore.

That said, if you want a hot girl, you can approach social escort agencies in Singapore to get an escort for you. Here are some in-depth tips to help you find social escorts properly in Singapore. A social escort is basically a paid girlfriend.

Since many people ask “What is the difference between a social escort and rent-a-friend services”, here is the answer. The difference between a professional social escort and a rental companion is that meeting a social escort is like meeting a girlfriend, while the latter is like meeting a stranger whom you just met.

Of course, this also depends on the quality of the escort, and whether her girlfriend experience (GFE) is good or not.

Sugar babies

Recently gaining traction back in mid 2010s in Singapore, sugar babies are an option for you if you are average looking but want a hot girl.

Sugar babies are highly similar to that of social escorts – except that they have more commitment and are more long term. They are usually a fixed monthly arrangement, in which you are to negotiate agreements with the girls. See sugar babies as a form of yearly rental of a posh apartment, while social escorts are like Airbnb of the same posh apartment. It all depends on what you want.

Rent a friend or companion

A relatively older concept in Asia, but recently popularized due to media mention of Maybe, rent a friend is basically that. It is ‘social escort & sugar baby-lite’. You are basically also renting a friend, but she behaves as a friendzoned friend. Even light flirty touches are disallowed.

However, if you just want somebody to hang out with, then this can be an alternative as well in Singapore!

Be so rich every girl knows you

Well, being super, mega rich is also an alternative you can take. After all, city girls are materialistic, and Singapore girls are no different!

Tips To Find Social Escorts In Singapore – What You Should Know

Here are some tips to help you find social escorts the right way in Singapore.

If you want a social escort who looks like her photos, or not get rejected service or something along these lines, then read on for more!

Look for them through escort agencies

First of all, if you want to meet a local SG girl, chances are you will be better off trying to look for them through an agency. If you want a foreigner, then independent sites are also an option. However, since we are in Singapore, let us talk about local Singaporean female escorts. SG escort girls are found mainly at agencies. Due to the conservative nature of Singaporeans, these girls work with agencies to protect their own privacy. This also mean that if you are looking on independent sites, and some girls claim they are locals, chances are it is a fake advertisement or they are a foreigner using a fake photo or claim.

Do not solicit prostitution for goodness sake!

Second of all, public solicitation of prostitution is illegal in Singapore and outlawed. While many people think this applies to service providers trying to solicit prostitution, they are wrong. If you are a client and you try to message a number you found on an agency website or Locanto, and you try to solicit sexual services from them, you are liable to prosecution for solicitation of prostitution over a public medium – the Internet or telecommunications systems.

So please, do not violate any laws in Singapore, whether you are a local or a foreigner to enjoy your time with your escort in Singapore. Do NOT solicit prostitution, especially publicly over message. Period. For your information, this also includes asking the common ‘DTF’ in Tinder or in sugar dating websites in Singapore if there is any inducement of it through any kind of financial gifts or cash. Internet is considered a public medium in Singapore – this includes WhatsApp e.t.c.

Be reasonable with the timing expectations with your social escorts

Third of all, escorts are human beings! They need time to make up and travel to your location. When you engage an agency, provide a reasonable time frame to them for the escort to arrive. However, there may be times where you urgently want to meet a local social escort companion before leaving Singapore. In that case, then offer the agency a few choices, all of which you may be willing to accept to meet. For instance, many escort agency websites may ask you to list down your top few preferred social escorts. Do not be choosy if you are urgent.

Working A Social Escort Job In Singapore – What To Expect

Here is what to expect if you are intending to pick up a social escort job in Singapore.

For the sake of this post, we will only talk about female escorts in SG.


  • This is one of the biggest attractions of being a social escort in SG. Claims of high earnings through the Internet, Reddit, HWZ, etc are rampant. However, you may want to note that most of these earnings are overly inflated to attract girls to join the trade. The reality is more moderate.
  • It is true that girls can make $200 to $500 per hour working as an escort, be it as independents or with a social escort agency.
  • However, let’s be realistic. If you take an average of $300 per hour, you will need to see at least 1 client per day for every day of every month to average $9000 a month. Are you willing and able to attract 1 client every single day for the rest of your career? This is heavily dependent on your availability, attractiveness and service. There may be times where you are constantly booked and hired, and with lots of repeat customers, however, there may be low times as well. However, on the whole, it is definitely very reasonable to expect to make $1000 to $3000 per month ore more just with a few hours worked.

Time/commitment required:

  • You are often required to work ‘on-call’. Just like a doctor on shift, you will be notified when there is a client and you are expected to travel fast to the location.
  • Most escorts are either students, or working. This means that as long as your availability and schedule can be adjusted around to accommodate for any kind of meeting timings, then you can continue doing whatever you want.
  • However, if your timing is very rigid, then there is not much point for you to being an escort – because you will be like a doctor working ‘on-call’ but never available. In this case, you will probably be fired soon enough.


  • Just like when you go on a date from a guy off Tinder, Seeking Arrangement, OkCupid or whatnot, every single date and guy is different. Therefore, expecting the same thing every date is quite unrealistic.
  • There will be guys who may ask you to do weird stuff, there are also guys who will not ask you to. It is once again tied back to the first point. Here’s a quick read on what type of men to expect to meet when working as a social escort.
  • It is best that you research more online on forums, Reddit AMAs, e.t.c. to truly understand what is required of you as an escort worker in Singapore. Unfortunately for you, there is no ‘on job training’ as an escort. You are thrown in the deep ends of the pool and left to survive on your own. There is a reason why you are paid so highly.

How Does A Social Escort Lead Her Life In Singapore?

Escorts of every country lead their lives slightly differently. Even those in Singapore may lead their lives differently. If you want to apply for a female escort job in Singapore, click here. Otherwise, read on.

Some social escorts are more privacy conscious, while others plaster their faces all over online advertisements in a bid to get men to go on paid dates with them.

What you will notice is that most social escorts who are local Singaporeans, are usually much more conservative and privacy conscious than social escorts of other nationalities.

When it comes to local SG female escorts, due to the conservative nature, they usually lead a 2nd life as an escort. They lead their usual lives as a student or a working professional, and then head out for escort appointments when they do get appointments.

As a result of this, they usually tell their parents, family and friends only about their day job or student work. They lead pretty secretive lives in Singapore. However, forget about trying to guess who is an escort, because they usually lead very normal lifestyles outside of that, and are in fact usually relatively low-key and very private individuals. They can be your girl next door or they can be your high flying supermodel.

What Sort Of Men Pay To Find Social Escorts In Singapore?

Some people in Singapore have a negative connotation and impression of men who look for social escorts or an escort agency in Singapore such as LuxiModels. However, these men are no different from any other person in Singapore’s society – except they are rich. If you are instead looking to meet one today, then here are some tips to help you find social escorts properly in Singapore.

So let us take a look at the types of men who pay to find social escorts in Singapore.

1. One of the most common types of men who look for escorts are actually busy career men

The first group of men in Singapore who look for escorts are usually more focused on their careers than anything else as of now. This means that they are very busy with their work. While there are men who prefer a balance between work and family, there are many ambitious and highly successful men who work really hard and smart to get to where they are. It may sometimes be a sacrifice of their personal lives for career success, although, often times, it is a conscious decision by these men to work on their careers because they want to and they love their work. However, this often means that their love life will take a back seat. As a result of this, the little socializing they may have had in their 20s means that they are likely still single.

And some of these men may never want to get married, or are at least certainly not ready to look for a wife just yet. As a result, they turn to no strings attached relationships for now. They turn to social escorts and sugar babies so that they need not have any unnecessary emotional baggage in their successful career lives.

2. Men who enjoy flirting around

It is not a crime to flirt around when you are single. It is still not a crime to flirt around when you are married. Even though whether that is morally right to you or not is subjective. At the end of the day, every man loves the company of a beautiful woman fawning over their every word.

Even the men who despise the rich men who look for social escorts ogle at pretty girls when they walk past. Want proof of that? Look at the low-class uncles at low-class neighborhood coffeeshops and you will see that happen every day in Singapore. The rich just have the power to buy company and companionship of a beautiful woman.

When it comes to social escorts, it is a no strings attached way to flirt with lots of beautiful Singaporean women easily! And the best part is, when you get them from a good agency in Singapore, they will treat you as though you were truly your girlfriend! This is also known as the girlfriend experience.

3. Men who want to show off

There are men who engage escorts to show off that they know beautiful women. This is more common among foreigners who come to Singapore and for a short business meeting or rendezvous, may want to show off to their friends or colleagues that they have a beautiful woman on their arms. This is no different from that of why men buy sports cars – to show off!

4. Married or attached men who want the no strings attached benefit of escorts

This may be a more controversial group of men who look for social escorts in Singapore. There are married or attached men who look for no strings attached relationships so they do not jeopardize their current one. While morally controversial, it is not illegal and so these men still look for such relationships.

When it comes to escorts, it is truly no strings attached. At the end of the day or hour or few hours, social escorts will disappear off until you engage them again, if you do so. This is unlike that if you looked for a girl normally. These men do not want somebody who may mess up their current relationships. Therefore, since they know with certainty that escorts want nothing to do with their clients nor have emotional baggage with their clients after the date, these men look for them.