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September 9th 2006 - My brother Cameron and I were bit by the racing bug while attending a Solo2 race with our 1973 'Cuda and Challenger - mine and his respectively. Now we weren't exactly front runners in our class (E/Street Prepared), but we did raise a few eyebrows...Anyway, we wanted to be more competitive, so we teamed up for our second season (1997). We elected to drop the use of the bigger E-bodies and selected an A-body, a 1968 Plymouth Barracuda which can be updated with the best of Mopar's engineering knowledge.

We race in British Columbia, Canada, under CACC sanction (the equivalent of the SCCA for the Lower Mainland). One of our most interesting venues for racing was the streets of downtown Squamish! (see picture above).

This web page is intended as a technical reference to those persons who can best be described as "G-force Junkies". We've tried many different things on Mopar chassis' over the years, and will be trying a lot more in the future, as well. Wondering what to do with yours? Maybe this website will help.
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