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April 14th 2008 - Editor's note: My "real job" consists of representing Caterpillar and the Wisconsin and Upper Michigan Dealer, FABCO Cat. I work for the Power Systems Division, (FABCO Power Systems), all over northwest Wisconsin. Just wanted to share some REAL HORSE POWER! - Bronco


When NASCAR fans tune in to watch each NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series TV broadcast, you can thank Jeff Lingerfelt or simply "Generator Jeff". As the lead engineer for all NASCAR events handled by Entertainment Services, Jeff provides electric power for eight TV trailers, four satellite uplinks and a food-preparations facility. Lingerfelt relies on a one-of-a-kind power generation trailer containing four Caterpillar ® 3306 diesel engine and generator sets.

Operated as a division of a Caterpillar Dealer, Entertainment Services is a worldwide provider of temporary power generation and temperature control equipment. Entertainment Services provides the power for all NASCAR NEXTEL Cup races broadcast by FOX Sports, NBC Sports, TNT and the Speed Channel.

The precision television equipment requires power delivered at an exact frequency without fluctuations. The Cat® 3306 engines and generator sets and all of the supporting transmission equipment are up to the task.
As the demand for power changes throughout the course of a race weekend, controllers and enunciators ramp the available power up or down to avoid any surges that could damage sensitive electronic gear. For the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series broadcasts, two generators handle the load, but a third runs as a backup. A fourth generator is held in reserve should it be needed.


For a Sunday race, the team is in place and ready to go on Wednesday morning. As many as 50 cameras are tested and positioned to capture all of the on-track and pit-road actions.
Regular servicing is handled two units at a time, while the other two generate electricity. Every fourth week, the local Caterpillar Dealer changes the oil and performs more extensive preventive maintenance checks, typically on a Thursday.

At some tracks, supplemental air conditioning and heating units are also provided. Where needed, light tower and forklifts are also the responsibilities of Entertainment Services."The networks' best broadcast engineers and technicians are assigned to NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series racing, and in turn we support them with the best," said Lingerfelt. "This quad unit is the world's premier piece of power generating equipment. It has performed flawlessly during the three years of NASCAR network broadcasting. Wherever my professional travels have taken me over the years, Caterpillar power is always requested. Unmatched quality and reliability make Cat engine and generator sets the number one choice for portable power generation."
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