Tips To Find Social Escorts In Singapore – What You Should Know

Here are some tips to help you find social escorts the right way in Singapore.

If you want a social escort who looks like her photos, or not get rejected service or something along these lines, then read on for more!

Look for them through escort agencies

First of all, if you want to meet a local SG girl, chances are you will be better off trying to look for them through an agency. If you want a foreigner, then independent sites are also an option. However, since we are in Singapore, let us talk about local Singaporean female escorts. SG escort girls are found mainly at agencies. Due to the conservative nature of Singaporeans, these girls work with agencies to protect their own privacy. This also mean that if you are looking on independent sites, and some girls claim they are locals, chances are it is a fake advertisement or they are a foreigner using a fake photo or claim.

Do not solicit prostitution for goodness sake!

Second of all, public solicitation of prostitution is illegal in Singapore and outlawed. While many people think this applies to service providers trying to solicit prostitution, they are wrong. If you are a client and you try to message a number you found on an agency website or Locanto, and you try to solicit sexual services from them, you are liable to prosecution for solicitation of prostitution over a public medium – the Internet or telecommunications systems.

So please, do not violate any laws in Singapore, whether you are a local or a foreigner to enjoy your time with your escort in Singapore. Do NOT solicit prostitution, especially publicly over message. Period. For your information, this also includes asking the common ‘DTF’ in Tinder or in sugar dating websites in Singapore if there is any inducement of it through any kind of financial gifts or cash. Internet is considered a public medium in Singapore – this includes WhatsApp e.t.c.

Be reasonable with the timing expectations with your social escorts

Third of all, escorts are human beings! They need time to make up and travel to your location. When you engage an agency, provide a reasonable time frame to them for the escort to arrive. However, there may be times where you urgently want to meet a local social escort companion before leaving Singapore. In that case, then offer the agency a few choices, all of which you may be willing to accept to meet. For instance, many escort agency websites may ask you to list down your top few preferred social escorts. Do not be choosy if you are urgent.

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