How An Older, Average-Looking Man Can Date A Hot Lady In Singapore

It would be the dream of nearly every man in Singapore to be able to go on a date with a young, hot and beautiful lady.

However, have you ever noticed how some old, or average-looking man go out with some seriously pretty, young Singaporean lady? How do they do it? Do they have some awesome pick up tricks or?

You can pay for it

One of the easiest ways to go out on a date with any girl in Singapore is to pay for it. And no, we do not just mean paying for the expenses incurred on the date. But to actually pay for it.

Social Escorts

Social escorts in Singapore is among the oldest industry in Singapore.

That said, if you want a hot girl, you can approach social escort agencies in Singapore to get an escort for you. Here are some in-depth tips to help you find social escorts properly in Singapore. A social escort is basically a paid girlfriend.

Since many people ask “What is the difference between a social escort and rent-a-friend services”, here is the answer. The difference between a professional social escort and a rental companion is that meeting a social escort is like meeting a girlfriend, while the latter is like meeting a stranger whom you just met.

Of course, this also depends on the quality of the escort, and whether her girlfriend experience (GFE) is good or not.

Sugar babies

Recently gaining traction back in mid 2010s in Singapore, sugar babies are an option for you if you are average looking but want a hot girl.

Sugar babies are highly similar to that of social escorts – except that they have more commitment and are more long term. They are usually a fixed monthly arrangement, in which you are to negotiate agreements with the girls. See sugar babies as a form of yearly rental of a posh apartment, while social escorts are like Airbnb of the same posh apartment. It all depends on what you want.

Rent a friend or companion

A relatively older concept in Asia, but recently popularized due to media mention of Maybe, rent a friend is basically that. It is ‘social escort & sugar baby-lite’. You are basically also renting a friend, but she behaves as a friendzoned friend. Even light flirty touches are disallowed.

However, if you just want somebody to hang out with, then this can be an alternative as well in Singapore!

Be so rich every girl knows you

Well, being super, mega rich is also an alternative you can take. After all, city girls are materialistic, and Singapore girls are no different!

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