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Favorite Racing Photos
AJ Foyt, 1990 at Milwaukee
AJ Foyt, 1990 at Milwaukee
January 29th 2007 - A few weeks ago, I contacted a few photographers, and Inquired if they had a favorite racing photo they had taken. 
What makes it their favorite photo? A tough subject to nail down, yet alone to remember all the thousands of photos taken!

Most photos are a link to a memory, and for the photographer, the reasons’ it is their favorite may be something that is not related to the actual shot, but relates to the moment.

Most photographers seem to like the people shots the best, ironically, and not the racing machines. The following are two
Photos that were sent in my Bill Freis. I met Bill at the Milwaukee Mile at the IRL Weekend in 2004, and he is a regular contributor to BroncosPitstop.

Thanks for sharing Bill - BRONCO



I apologize, I told you I would send you a favorite photo a couple of weeks ago and forgot.
I've been shooting since 1990 so it was difficult to pick JUST one! I've enclosed two.

The first one, of A.J. Foyt(1990), I shot with my dad's Canon AE-1 Program through the fence at the Milwaukee Mile as a fan. It is the photo that inspired me to buy my own camera and try to get credentialed to take pictures of an entire event on the other side of the fence. Not to mention I haven't seen too many photos of AJ smiling since.

The second photo, Al Unser Jr. is probably my
favorite. This was that first race that I got
credentialed for, fittingly two years later (1992) at the Milwaukee Mile. At the time Al Unser Jr. was my favorite driver and he had just won his first Indy 500
just 7 days earlier.

Thanks Jim!