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Why DO We Race?
Newman/Haas car out to Qualify in Milwaukee, June 2006 Roy Schmidt Photo
Newman/Haas car out to Qualify in Milwaukee, June 2006 Roy Schmidt Photo
November 23rd 2007 - Jim Gorecki
The CJ3 Racing Group
Cedar Falls, Wisconsin

Dateline…Race Tracks Around the World
(or in this case, Menomonie, Wisconsin)

Racing history is unique among sports. The basic concept of racing has remained the same -- get from point A to point B before anybody else
does. But unlike other sports, the means and ways it is done is so varied that it provides one with many opportunities to enjoy the sport.
Racing also offers a rich history no other sport is capable of matching.

Perhaps it is ingrained in our souls, a remnant from cave man days. Take, for instance, two caveman fighting daily for survival. I'll call
one caveman "UGH" and the other "OCK". UGH and OCK are friends, but when OCK sees some food, say a wild boar, he tears off after his prey,
club in hand. UHG is right on his heels, racing OCK to the prize (known nowadays as lunch).

Running side by side, clubs bumping into shoulders and knees, UGH scrapes his ankle on a boulder while trying to take a shortcut to the boar. OCK beats him to lunch by a club length.

OCK parades around in front of UGH, the boar held over his head in triumph. Victorious, OCK feels great, but he is also gracious. He may
be a cave man, but he's learned that tomorrow is another day. He knows that UGH may win the chase for the lunch the next time. Together they
proceed back to OCK's cave to prepare the meal.

OK now, fast forward to tonight's race at The Red Cedar Speedway, and it
may sound something like this if called by an announcer:

"Two laps to go in the feature, and cousins Mark and Steve are racing side by side.
Steve has had the advantage the entire race, but with three to go, Mark has caught him! They bang doors through one and two, and take the white flag still wheel to wheel. Coming out of turn four, Steve jumps the cushion and taps the wall, losing just enough speed that Mark crosses
the finish line by a car length! Taking the checkered flag away from

"What an adrenaline rush for Mark as he takes a victory lap before heading to the pits. When he gets there, Steve is the first one there
extending a hand to congratulate his opponent, his cousin, his competition for next week's race."

So you see, racing or any other competition is something that is intrinsic -- it comes from inside. We all have it in us in one way or
another, some more than others. Those who have that competitive nature to survive, will do just that. In fact, they survive better -- and in
racing, that equates to more wins.