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Medford Motorman... Shane Halopka
Chris Burback captured this dual between Halopka and Adams.
Chris Burback captured this dual between Halopka and Adams.
November 6th 2006 - (ORIGINALLY POSTED AUGUST 2006)

By Jim Gorecki
The CJ3 Racing Group
Cedar Falls, Wisconsin

DRIVER: Shane Halopka
HOMETOWN: Medford, Wisconsin
CLASS: WISSOTA Midwest Modified

CAR NUMBER: 3Jr. WHY THAT NUMBER? “My dad raced, and his car was always a 3. When I started racing in 2000, I went with the 3 Junior. It is still a family operation for us. Might as well keep the number in the family.”
WHAT DO YOU DO FOR YOUR DAY JOB? “I work for Medford Motors (Ford Dealership) as an automotive technician.”
CREW: Mom – Nona, Dad – Gene, and Brother - Kerry

SPONSORS: Tim’s Automotive Machine of Bloomer, Mid Wisconsin Bank, McDonald’s of Abbotsford, Medford, Stanley and Thorp, Reynold’s Cabinetry of Colby, Jim Brandt Photography and Graphics, T & L Distributing, Todd Halopka Used Tractors and Equipment, The Lounge Around Bar, Baxter’s Speed Shop

HOBBIES: “Fishing and Hunting, when I have time and I am not busy racing.”

FAVORITE FOOD: “I’m a meat eater, I’d have to say steak.”

FAVORITE DRIVER: “Craig Thatcher.”

HOW DID YOU GET STARTED IN RACING? “Since my dad raced, I can remember helping him as far back as me being eight years old. Now he is passing along his racing knowledge on to me. So, since about eight, I knew I would race someday.”

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT IN RACING: “During the 2004 season, Rice Lake Speedway had an invitational. It was the first time the WISSOTA Midwest Mods were to race there. Well we won that night, it was just one of those moments to remember. That was pretty cool.”

WHAT IS IT ABOUT RACING THAT KEEPS YOU COMING BACK WEEK AFTER WEEK? “The competition. This class has some very good drivers that you can really race against. I mean, there is a trust there between certain drivers. I like racing with Buzzy Adams, Mark Thomas, Jim Bourn, you know that they are going to let it all hang out, and so can you.”

WHAT TYPE OF TRACK DO YOU PREFER? “Well, I prefer a high banked track. The Red Cedar is almost flat compared to what I was used to! It took me until mid-July to get a handle on this place. At least, now I know how to enter the corners, where the lines are, I feel confident about racing here. It is still a challenge, I guess that is way I race.”