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Illini Midgets at The Prairie
Phil Rider Photo, 2007
Phil Rider Photo, 2007

Tom Arthur, PR Director
Illini Racing Series (IRS)
(815)730-1960 days (815)485-4959 evenings


Sun Prairie, WI (6/17/07) The Illini Midgets wanted to add Angell Park to the
list of tracks they've raced at, in fact, it was probably the one track they
wanted most to add. That would explain why the first nine haulers waiting for
the pit gate to open were all Illini teams.

It was a return visit for Joe Knippel and Allen Gillis, who had raced at this
famous dirt track in years past. For Jason Dull and David Budres, it was a
chance to run a different class at the track where they run on a regular basis.

Jason Dull's pit was right behind the scoring tower where this reporter watched
the evening's action. Dull's crew gave new meaning to the word "thrash". They
missed hot laps, they missed Badger qualifying (doing double duty with the same
car), but they managed to make it out for heat one for the Illini Midgets.
Which they won.

Nobody understands the meaning of racing at Angell Park better than Joe Knippel,
which made his winning of heat race two so meaningful. The battle for second
was classic, with Eddie Sauer edging out Lamont Critchett and Scott Koerner.

David Budres ran into some problems with his Badger ride in the B-Main, flipping
into the inside guard rail on the back straight. He shook it off and climbed
into the #1 car out of the Knippel/Spencer stable for the Illini feature. This
is the same team he won Rookie of the Year honors for a couple of seasons ago.
It was not the same car. The #31 he had so much luck with was destroyed in a
devastating crash at Grundy County Speedway earlier this season. The new car
was assembled in the days leading up to the Father�s Day race. The first laps
it saw were hot laps on race night.

Doug Orseske led the first five laps of the 20 lap A-Main before Budres made his
way to the front. With his Angell Park experience showing, he climbed the
banking to ride the cushion, but Eddie Sauer was able to slip under him for a
couple of laps before the checkered flag eventually did fly first for Budres.

Results: Illini Midgets at Sun Prairie 6/17/07
10 Lap Heat #: 1. Jason Dull,#56, Machesney Park, IL, Fontana/Stealth,; 2. Lamont Critchett, #44, Chicago Heights, IL, VW/Stapp, Knight
Body Shop; 3. David Budres, #1, Beloit, WI, Quad-4/Ellis, Snap-On Tools; 4.
Doug Orseske, #0, Frankfort, IL, Quad-4/Buzzard, Southside Home and Control; 5.
Dale Rowe, #21R, Newark, IL, VW/White, Jacobson Trucking; 6. Dan George, #82,
Milwaukee, WI, Focus/Buzzard, Callahan Motorsports; 7. Mark Morey, #3, Sugar
Grove, IL, Focus/White, Spencer's Jewelry; 8. Allen Gillis, #39, Westmont, IL,
Focus/White, Ben Gillis Vocational Training Center

10 Lap Heat #2: 1. Joe Knippel, #33, Mokena, IL, Quad-4/Buzzard, INR Beatty
Lumber; 2. Eddie Sauer, #74, Loves Park, IL, Ford/Edmunds, United Transporter;
3. Loran Critchett, Jr., #17, Alsip, IL, VW/Challenger, Boomba Specialties; 4.
Scott Koerner, #4, Joliet, IL, Focus/Bishop, Task Management; 5. Mike Adams,
Jr., #21A, Rockdale, WI, Chevy II/Mislich, Joe Albert Racing Enterprises; 6.
Sean Murphy, #33X, Evanston, IL, Quad-4/Ellis, INR Beatty Lumber; 7. Basil
Hicks, #22, Joliet, IL, Saturn/Buzzard

20 Lap Feature: 1. Budres, 2. Sauer, 3. Lam. Critchett, 4. Adams, 5.
Orseske, 6. Hicks, 7. Lor. Critchett, 8. George, 9. Koerner DNF
(overheating), 10. Knippel DNF (blown motor), 11. Rowe DNF (steering), 12.
Gillis DNF (suspension), 13. Dull DNF (fuel pump), 14. Morey DNF (overheating),
15. Murphy DNS (suspension)


1. Lamont Critchett, 898, 2. Joe Knippel, 768, 3. Doug Orseske, 718, 4.
Basil Hicks, 708, 5. Sean Murphy, 668, 6. Dan George, 646, 7. Scott
Koerner, 613, 8. Mark Morey, 585, 9. Eddie Sauer, 496, 10t. Dale Rowe, 480,
10t. Mike Smith, 480, 12. Loran Critchett, 385, 13. Allen Gillis, 326, 14.
Mike Adams, Jr., 248, 15. David Budres, 240, 16. Jason Dull, 210, 17. Frank
Reiss, 190, 18. Dave Deheve, 160, 19. Freddy Teer, 140.

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