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These Badgers are Number 1!
Photo by A. Wong, University of Toronto
Photo by A. Wong, University of Toronto
March 24th 2008 - The Team: FOOTBALL BADGERS, BASKETBALL BADGERS, HOCKEY BADGERS, AND NOW RACING BADGERS!! The UW Madison Formula SAE racing team is dedicated to the design, fabrication, marketing, and racing of a small open wheel formula-style racing vehicle. The team consists of students from mainly Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering majors, but also students in Business and even Psychology. The team is headed by a faculty advisor, two team leaders, and a group leader for each of the groups: suspension, frame and body, powertrain, drivetrain, electrical, and business. Together, we work to build and race a Formula SAE car.

The team is composed of six special-interest groups: Suspension, Drivetrain, Powertrain, Electrical, Frame and Body, and Business. Each group is headed by a team leader and the whole organization is overseen by a faculty advisor. Through a variety of talent and lots of dedication, we work each year to fund, design, fabricate, and race a high performance, open wheeled race car. We design and fabricate the car ourselves in our own facilities and then compete in the international SAE competition each year against 140 other colleges and universities. The ultimate goal is to win, but the experience and problem solving skills gained along the way help prepare us for careers in industry.

Why do we do this? First of all, it's loads of fun. Secondly, we can get degree credit for it. Finally, it is one of the best engineering experiences that we could ever have in our undergraduate studies. Students join the team by volunteering or enrolling in the courses Mechanical Engineering 491/492 Formula SAE, or Mechanical Engineering 291/299. The course is structured as a three-credit design elective, or a one-credit elective course, both of which count toward fulfilling College of Engineering graduation requirements. Building a car requires a lot of hands, so the only requirement for joining is a will to learn and a drive to succeed.

Formula SAE Competition
The Formula SAE Competition is held each May in Detroit, Michigan. Bringing together 140 teams from around the world, the competition gives teams a chance to show off what they've designed and built, as well as learn from other teams. Cars are judged in both static and dynamic events, making the design and preparation just as important as the final car performance.

Facing over 100 teams from around the world, we found some good competition in Romeo, MI as the team competed for the Formula SAE World Champion title from May 16th-20th. Everything came together as we had better luck than last year, making it through endurance and qualifying for design finals for the first time in recent UW history. Thanks to everyone who participated in the competition, it was awesome to see so many cars and dedicated teams. Also congratulations to the University of Western Australia and TU Graz for their second and third place finishes!

Complete 2007 Official Results

University of Wisconsin - Madison Results
Cost: 5th
Presentation: 8th
Design: 1st
Acceleration: 15th
Skidpad: 9th
Autocross: 5th
Endurance/Economy: 2nd
Final: 1st

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