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October 29th 2007 - 21-OCT-2007 - SCNA TESTS AT SEBRING We tested F1000 chassis 019 at Sebring Raceway. It was the first time a Stohr F1000 was on the 3.7-mile, 12-hour endurance course. With its challenging turns and rough surface, it's a great place to shake down a car. Doug Smith, Jr. was the test driver. After using the first session for systems check, Doug let loose in the second session, turning high 2:10s with old tires! We believe a 2:08 is possible. For the weekend, Bill Wald took over the driving duties, trying the Stohr for the first time after four years in a Van Diemen FC. Bill kept his nose clean, knowing we needed a complete car for the upcoming ARRC. He finished well in both the 20- and 30-minute races, turning the second fastest race lap. It is painted Lotus Chrome Orange.
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