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BPS photo
January 21st 2011 - Cedar Falls, WI (well below zero today)-BRONCO

NASCAR fans...if you are getting that itch for the 2011 season, check out to get your NASCAR fix!

From the site...Why did Jayski start this page/site? a little history
Back in August of 1996 [August 26, 1996], I heard that Lake Speed was losing the Spam sponsorship (see two images #9 Univ of Nebraska Ford - Image 1 and Image 2) and would be sponsored by the University of Nebraska. I searched and searched and could not find a thing about it on the Internet. I had this home page and an Ernie Irvan page, so I started posting this and other information I found on a Silly Season page. The posts and news kept growing and was getting to difficult to do on one page, so did a Winston Cup team chart for 1997 and the news kept coming and was finding stuff/ In 1996 there were very few NASCAR related sites and the Jayski Silly Season site became more then one page. As time went by, I started accumulating very good sources and was able to generate news I could not find elsewhere and pool other info from other Internet sites, racing magazines and newspapers, TV shows and the race coverage. The website address was very long and my local Internet at the time was slow and unresponsive to problems. I remember when I hit 100 visitors/page views on one day, I thought that was amazing (The site as a whole now does over 550,000 page views a day and 90,000 daily uniques during the season and around 800,000 people a month - as of Dec 2006). I finally decided I needed to change the website address and held a one month vote where was the overwhelming choice. I hooked up with Xobyte in Tennessee where the page was kept until Feb 3rd, 1998 where it was moved to NetSource with a faster connection and server with much more bandwidth. To defray costs of maintaining the server, the additional bandwidth and updates to my system and IP, we put up 4-8 banners with paid advertising. In 2000, I signed with Digest Company, Racing Champions/Ertl. With their help the Jayski site has gotten bigger and better in 2000 but they decided the partnership was not working out for them and didn't renew. But I had a few interested companies in partnering up with me, and narrowed it to two and after weeks some tough thinking, I decided on Knight Ridder/Thatracin as I felt the partnership would allow the site to grow and be seen by more people and have been with them since Jan. 2001. In 2004, Knight Ridder and I decided to part ways. I had a few good offers from companies, one being ESPN. Being a sports guy, this seems like a perfect match for me and the site and I signed with them. The site has been hosted at since Dec 31, 2004 after Thatracin dropped the site 12 hours early, but ESPN picked up the slack immediately. In 2007, ESPN is televising all the Busch Series races and the final 17 Sprint Cup Series, which should allow to grow even more and reach more NASCAR Fans if ESPN promotes the site. I still control the content and site design 100%.

With the site as a full time job since 2000, I now maintain the 2000+ pages on the site easier, find more and new exciting information on NASCAR Sprint Cup, plus have hired two friends to help with the Nationwide Series and Camping World Truck Series sites.
Often I get asked to start NHRA, IRL, ARCA, ASA, WoO, F1 or other series site. Sorry, but no plans to do that as I am and have been a Sprint [Nextel/Winston] Cup fan for 30+ years and started the site because that is my interest. Any other site would detract from the SPRINT CUP side and I won't allow that, as I enjoy and support SPRINT CUP. I have very little to no interest in going to dirt tracks or other races.

Plus hiring Scott and Nancy in 2006 to do the Busch and Truck sites. In 2005 I started posting my own results and points standings also. One of the biggest sections is the Paint Scheme sections, which is posted images of the different paint schemes teams/drivers race throughout the season [going back to 1997]. I do not post driver images, headshots or crash images. Anyhow that is why I started it. Enjoy the site!!
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