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by: Bill Freis
Morris, IL Aaron Andruskevitch of Riverton, Illinois did all the right things on
Saturday night at the Grundy County Speedway and it resulted in his first UMARA feature
win and first championship. Joe Liguori, Taylor Ferns, Max MacNamara and Camden Murphy
also clinched championships at the 29th Annual Bob Lockard Memorial on Saturday night

Coming into Saturday night, the final points race of the 2009 UMARA season, Aaron
Andruskevitch trailed points leader Mario Clouser by 32 points. Andruskevitch would have
to be nearly perfect to overtake Clouser who finished the 2008 season strong and had been
strong most of the ’09 season.

Andruskevitch sent out a message right away, when he broke the track record in qualifying
for the second event in a row with a quick lap of 14.199. But it looked like the
pressure might be on him when he spun while running second in the heat race ahead of
Clouser and finished fifth.

In the 40-lap feature event Andruskevitch started just ahead of Clouser, but Clouser
quickly moved in behind Andruskevitch, with both battling for eighth. Andruskevitch
figured he had to do something to shake Clouser, which he did when he found his car
worked in the high groove and began picking off cars. But Clouser’s night would come
to an early end on lap13 when his car began leaking coolant and was given the black flag.

With Clouser off the track and the championship nearly a guarantee, Andruskevitch did
anything but relax. He continued to power his way past Mario Marietta, Levi Roberts and
then Brian Olson on lap 19 for the lead. Andruskevitch stretched his lead to a half-lap
lead by features end to take the win in his Domark Racing/Spike/Esslinger midget. It was
Andruskevitch’s first midget feature win and his first UMARA championship.

Afterwards Andruskevitch said, “WOW, what a night, to be able to break the track record
we just set the last race, our first win this season at the Bob Lockard Memorial and to
clinch the 2009 points championship at the last race. I will remember Sept. 5th 2009 as
the BIG 3, new track record, first feature win and most importantly the championship all
in one awesome night. The Domark #5 "red rocket" was on a rail all night. I
would like to thank TJ and Larry Domark and Tom Schnabel for everything, without them
this would not have been possible. I don't think everything has set in yet, but I am
already looking forward to the next race and especially next season.”

Following Andruskevitch at the line were Levi Roberts, Kyle Hamilton, Brian Olson and
Mario Marietta. Heat race winners were Bradley Galdrige, Brad Greenup, and Alfred

Joe Liguori of Tampa, Florida in his Pit Stop BBQ/Beast/Ford Focus midget locked up the
UMARA Ford Focus midget, USAC Midwest Ford Focus and the DK Midget Championships all with
his 20-lap feature win, heat win and quick time on Saturday. Tyler Trainor, Tyler
Cottongim and Zach Kanizer rounded out the top five and the heat race winner was Tyler

Liquori followed that up with a feature win in the UMARA Sportsman midget 29-lap feature.
He was followed by Tyler Trainor, Zach Kanizer, Taylor Ferns and Tyler Cottongim. Ferns
became the second woman to win a UMARA championship since Sue Spencer clinched her fifth
UMARA Sportsman midget feature in 2003. Ferns was the heat race winner and fast

Tom Schnabel made his return to the UMARA Dwarf Cars by inching out Mike Anderson by just
inches in a thrilling 20-lap feature for the Dwarfs. Schnabel who brought the car out,
“To get ready for the race at Joliet (Memorial Stadium) next week”, ran down Anderson
and the two swapped the lead back and forth in the closing laps with Anderson driving
under Schnabel off the final corner, but coming up just inches short at the line.
Following Schnabel and Anderson at the line were, Nick Odell, Jon McGeoerge and Matt
Pershey. Anderson was the fast qualifier and the heat race winner.

In the INEX Legends Cars Andy Jones took advantage of Branden Allen’s misfortunes and
took the feature win in the 20-lap feature. Jones finished ahead of Dylan Barbosa, Bobby
Yonkee, Chris Lishamer and Jimmy Uteg. Allen and Max MacNamara were the heat race
winners and MacNamara was the fast qualifier.

Next is the Last Stand at the Stadium event at Joliet Memorial Stadium on Friday,
September 11 and Saturday, September 12. Discount tickets are still available at Ken
Woody’s Sports and More, Educational Outfitters, The Hot Rod Barn in Morris, Suburban
Bank and Trust locations in New Lenox, Markham, Orland Park and Lemont and Winners Circle
Speed and Custom downtown Joliet. Visit for times and additional ticket

Illinois - Grundy County Speedway – 29th Bob Lockard Memorial

QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Aaron Andruskevitch,5, Domark-14.199; 2. Levi Roberts, 11, -14.434; 3.
Kyle Hamilton, 33h, Hamilton-14.466; 4. Mario Marietta, 85, Marietta – 14.545; 5. Dan
Bedford – 14.617, 6. Jimmy Anderson, 36, Anderson-Guess – 14.619, 7. Brian Olson, 77,
Olson- 14.641; 8. Patrick Wilda, 33w, Wilda Bros. – 14.680; 9. David Byrne, 20b, Byrne
– 14.687; 10. Mario Clouser, 06, Clouser – 14.732; 11. Tom Schnabel, 20s, Schnabel
– 14.743; 12. Alex Bowman, 21d, Bowman – 14.797; 13. Bradley Galdrige, 29, Galdrige
– 14.814; 14. Brad Greenup, 4,Greenup – 14.840; 15. Alfred Galdrige, 26, Galdrige –
14.854; 16. Mike Larrison, 06, Larrison – 14.944 17. Nick Wagner, 93, Wagner –
14.961; 18. Sara Hyslop, 18, Hyslop – 15.242; 19. Terry Ahern, 6T6, Ahern – 15.365;
20. Danielle Dickson, 44, Cunningham – 15.387; 21. David Fuhrman, 32, Fuhrman –

NEW TRACK RECORD: Aaron Andruskevitch – 14.199

FIRST HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Alfred Galdride, 2. David Byrne, 3. Kyle Hamilton, 4. Alex
Bowman, 5. Sara Hyslop, 6. David Fuhrman, 7. Jimmy Anderson

SECOND HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Brad Greenup, 2. Levi Roberts, 3. Nick Wagner, 4. Dan Bedford,
5. Patrick Wilda, 6. Tom Schnabel

THIRD HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Bradley Galdrige 2. Mario Clouser 3. Mike Larrison 4. Brian Olson
5. Aaron Andruskevitch 6. Terry Ahern 7. Mario Marietta

FEATURE: (40 laps) 1. Aaron Andruskevitch, 2. Levi Roberts, 3. Kyle Hamilton, 4. Brian
Olson, 5. Mario Marietta, 6. Dan Bedford, 7. Alex Bowman, 8. Bradley Galdrige 9. Jimmy
Anderson, 10. Brad Greenup, 11. Mike Larrison, 12. Tom Schnabel, 13. Patrick Wilda, 14.
Alfred Galdrige, 15. Nick Wagner, 16. Danielle Dickson, 17. Sara Hyslop, 18. David Byrne,
19. David Fuhrman, 20. Mario Clouser, 21. Terry Ahern

FEATURE LAP LEADERS – 1-18 Olson, 19-40 Andruskevitch

NEXT UMARA NATIONAL MIDGET RACE – Friday, September 11 and Saturday, September 12 at
the Joliet Memorial Stadium.


QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Joe Liguori, 22 – 15.223

HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Tyler Cottongim, 2. Zach Kanizer, 3. Joe Liguori, 4. Jimmy Simpson, 5.
Tyler Trainor, 6. Bob Adams, 7. Kent Kreigbaum,

FEATURE: (20 laps) 1. Jake Blackhurst, 2. Joe Liguori, 3. Tyler Trainor, 4. Tyler
Cottongim, 5. Zach Kanizer, 6. Jimmy Simpson, 7. Eric Potter, 8. Bob Adams, 9. Kent

NEXT UMARA FORD FOCUS RACE: – Friday, September 11 and Saturday, September 12 at the
Joliet Memorial Stadium.



FAST QUALIFIER: Taylor Ferns – 15.552

HEAT RACE: 1. Taylor Ferns (55), 2. Eric Potter (5)

FEATURE: (29 laps) 1. Joe Liguori, 2. Tyler Trainer, 3. Zach Kanizer, 4. Taylor Ferns, 5.
Tyler Cottongim, 6. Bob Adams, 7. Grant Galloway, 8. Eric Potter

NEXT UMARA SPORTSMAN MIDGET RACE: – Friday, September 11 and Saturday, September 12 at
the Joliet Memorial Stadium.


FAST QUALIFIER: Mike Anderson – 16.638

HEAT RACE: 1. Mike Anderson (51), 2. Nick Odell (11c), 3. Jon McGeorge (8), 4. Sam Shew
(57), 5. Matt Pershey (79), 6. Mike Petrizzo (77), 7. Jim Maher (01), 8. Scott Struthers
(9), 9. Glen Leiker (88)

FEATURE: (15 Laps) 1. Tom Schnabel, 2. Mike Anderson, 3. Nick Odell, 4. Jon McGeorge, 5.
Matt Pershey, 6. Sam Shew, 7. Jim Maher, 8. Scott Struthers, 9. Glen Leiker, 10. Mike

NEXT UMARA DWARF CAR RACE: – Friday, September 11 and Saturday, September 12 at the
Joliet Memorial Stadium.

FAST QUALIFIER: Max McNamara – 17.302

HEAT 1: (8 laps) 1. Branden Allen (7777), 2. Andy Jones (11) 3. Brandon Heisler (8), 4.
Rachel Pinkerman (21), 5. Camden Murphy (85), 6. Chris Lishamer (98), 7. Brian Tedeschi

HEAT 2: (8 laps) 1. Max MacNamara (24), 2. Dylan Barbosa (777), 3. Bobby Yonkee (21x),
4. Jimmy Uteg (5j), 5. Cullen Camasta (20), 6. Drew Higginson (02), 7. Jim Uteg

FEATURE: (20 laps) 1. Andrew Jones, 2. Dylan Barbosa, 3. Bobby Yonkee, 4. Chris Lishamer,
5. Jimmy Uteg, 6. Camden Murphy, 7. Drew Higginson, 8. Brian Tedeschi, 9. Jim Uteg, 10.
Branden Allen, 11. Rachel Pinkerman, 12. Brandon Heisler, 13. Cullen Camasta, 14. Max

NEXT INEX LEGEND CAR RACE: – Friday, September 11 and Saturday, September 12 at the
Joliet Memorial Stadium.
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