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Yes, Tony Stewart did run over a fellow driver who was killed, but you need to understand the entire situation.
photo: WhiteselAugust 11th 2014 - I offer my thoughts and prayers to the Kevin Ward Jr. Family, The Empire Super Sprints Organization, and with Tony Stewart. I can't imagine what is going through Tony's mind, or the sorrow the Ward Family is experiencing. I am horrified by the comments I read on the news articles, and I would like to explain this tragedy from a Sprint car owner and driver's perspective: When witnessing a sprint car moving around the track prior to a race you will notice the front tires bouncing erratically side to side. The erratic movement is caused by the alignment of the front wheel being nearly parallel to each other (compared to a minimal toe in or toe out on standard automobile), and the quick ratio of the steering gear to steering wheel movement (allowing a driver to quickly counter steer when traveling sideways around a corner at 100+MPH). Secondly trying to harness a 700HP engine at idle is nearly as intense as driving at full speed. These engines are violent in their behaviors and extremely explosive to the smallest "twitch" of the throttle. The throttle is controlled by your foot/ankle movements strapped to a lever directly fastened to the engine. Idle to full throttle is about 4" maximum movement.Sprint cars are setup to steer left, but turn right. This may be confusing, but the dynamics of a sprint car cause it to be more stable at higher speeds. The engine is directly linked to the rear tires, there is no clutch, no transmission, resulting in no stopping with the engine running and in gear, and also violent movements again when the throttle is twitched.There is only a brake on the left front tire, and the solid rear axle, causing the car to lurch leftward when applying the brake, and requiring a slight steer to the right when moving slowly to keep the car going straight. While at racing speeds the sprint car's suspension is under load, the dynamics of the wind on the wing panels, and the rear stagger (difference in diameter of the rear tires) all react with each other in these amazing machines to enable them to be some of the fastest in the Dirt Motorsports Industry, but all these factors also mean that even for someone as experienced as Tony Stewart the car is going to jump around at low speeds. When piloting a sprint car during a caution flag speeds here are the typical run down of a driver:1. Grab a tear off (plastic covering over your shield removed when covered with dirt/mud)2. Open your shield to cool down and wipe your eyes of dirt.3. Move your top wing backward on the chassis for more drive on the restart4. Stretch your fingers/hands from gripping the wheel so intensely while at race speed5. Double check gauges to verify within appropriate operating constraints6. Find your spot and the car you should be restarting behind7. All while harnessing an erratic, explosive, violently idling engine, usually with one hand!One of the other difficulties with piloting a sprint car is the extremely limited visibility. When comparing to a Nascar Car, a Dirt Modified, or even your daily driver with an 8 ft. wide by 3 ft tall windshield or opening to view out of, a sprint car is limited to an opening of approximately 24in by 8in. To multiply the problem is a wing panel to the right that protrudes below your line of sight blocking all vision on the right side of the car, and a nose wing directly in your line of sight in front. Then when factoring in the safety equipment of a full containment seat (supports on both sides of seat for your helmet), a HANS device (safety device strapping helmet back to seat not allowing a whiplash effect) the drivers field of vision is even further limited. To better understand the limited visibility I invite you to take a box from a 24 pack of soda. Cut a circle on the side of the box, and open one end. Put your head in the circle and look out the open end of the box. This will simulate the limited visibility of piloting a sprint car. Now that you understand some of the basics and the difficulties of piloting a sprint car, I want you to revisit the tragic events that played out on Saturday night at Canandaigua Motorsports Park. An angry young driver named Kevin Ward climbed out of his wrecked sprint car and trotted down into oncoming, direct drive, erratic, violent sprint cars, to confront Tony Stewart. Put yourself in Tony's vantage point, remembering the checklist of items he was going through: tear off,wing location, stretching hands, wiping eyes, etc, all while following the bumper of the car in front of him harnessing the violent engine lurking to take off, looking through the "24pk box" field of vision. The track is black and not well lit Stewart is not expecting someone to be in the middle of the track and sees him at the last moment, jabs the brake causing the front of the car to turn left, and twitches the gas to turn the rear of the car to avoid Mr. Ward. (I'm not certain Stewart accelerated. The motor revving in the video seems much closer to the grandstand where the camera was filming and not across the track where the tragedy occurred. Listening to the video, the sound is too close to the camera position to be Stewart in my opinion) No one knows what really happened. I've watched YouTube. It was dark. Ward was wearing a black uniform. My suspicion is that, if Stewart sped up, it was a reflex action. All of a sudden, his eyes caught the approach of someone running toward him, and he just tried to get away, but Ward was too close. The right-rear tire caught him. Our human nature results us in needing to assign blame. I have read on social media and news sights comments such as: "Stewart used his car as a weapon," "Ward should have known who he was dealing with." "Nascar Driver Tony Stewart Strikes and Kills opponent with sprint car after argument," "Stewart is a murderer," "Stewart to jail," etc, etc. All of which are completely belligerent and uncalled for. Trying to place blame only makes the situation worse. A young man is dead, and a veteran racer will live with this pain for the rest of his life. I compare this incident to a tragedy a couple years ago in Western WI. A man pulled over on the side of the Interstate, exited his car, and jumped in front of a Semi. Obviously the man who jumped in front of the truck is "to blame" for that instance, and the tragedy that took place on the race track on Saturday night is no different. Ward chose to exit his race car, and would still be alive if he had stayed in his vehicle, but that is the only blame we can assign. Trying to figure out exactly who is to blame past that point is undeterminable. There is no blame to assign, it was an accident, with two people's reactions at play, and the outcome was unfortunately deadly. If there is a lesson to be learned, or a positive outcome from this horrible accident, I hope every track speaks of this at every driver's meeting prior to racing. I hope nationally broadcasted racing will stop sensationalizing the fact that exiting your race car and throwing your helmet is acceptable. I hope that in the heat of the moment of competition competitors stop and think it is only a race, only a football game, and there will be another week to come back and prove yourself to be better than your competition. Live life to your utmost ability, but remember it is precious and sometimes too short as we were reminded of last Saturday night. God speed Mr. Ward, and I hope to see Mr. Stewart continue his racing career and support grass roots racing. :: continue »

March 17th 2014 - WEST BEND, WISCONSIN March 14, 2014: A somewhat "quiet” off-season for the IndyCar series and the Indianapolis 500 went full throttle in the past ten days with a series of "major” announcements that will :: continue »

Hometown Favorite wins at the Brickyard
July 30th 2013 - View Race Photos Ryan Newman pulled off his first win at the Brickyard with a great final pit strategy. Newman, was fast all day coming from the record setting pole position. Battling Jimmy Johnson throughout :: continue »

Grand-Am Invades Indy Road Course
July 25th 2013 - View all Photos Here Grand-Am cars invade Indianapolis Motor Speedway to take on the road course in two races. Friday (7-26-2013) 2-4:30 p.m. Brickyard Sports Car Challenge (CTSCC) Race (Timed, 2.5 hours); and 5:30-8:30 p.m. Brickyard Grand Prix (Rolex Series) Race (Timed, three hours). :: continue »

The Fourth Turn - Keselowski Wins!
September 16th 2012 - Racing in Chicago has a storied history going back to the fabled Roby Speedway, Soldiers Field, Meadowdale Raceway and Chicago Motor Speedway.What all of those tracks have in common, however, is that they :: continue »

The Fourth Turn
September 5th 2012 - We’ve written quite a bit lately about the ARCA Racing Series presented by Menards, and especially their event at Madison International Speedway just over a week ago. But there is something that needs :: continue »

The Fourth Turn
Credits: Getty ImagesAugust 24th 2012 - It was two seasons ago when the NASCAR Nationwide Series made its debut at Road America’s four-mile road course that winds through the Kettle Moraine hills and valleys in Elkhart Lake, WI. A large crowd :: continue »

The Fourth Turn
August 7th 2012 - In this, the 60th season of ARCA (Automobile Racing Club of America) racing, the circuit, dubbed “The World’s Most Versatile Touring Series”, will sanction 20 events on 18 tracks as it celebrates six decades :: continue »

Jimmy Johnson: Another 4-Time Winner at IMS Brickyard 400
July 30th 2012 - by Paul Gohde - July 29, 2012 - Indianapolis Motor Speedway - Speedway, Indiana (Video Recap)Jimmie Johnson became the second four-time winner of the Brickyard 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup race Sunday, as he scored a dominating win over Kyle Busch, Greg Biffle and a field of stunned rivals.Johnson, who first won the event in 2006, and again in 2008 and 2009, tied teammate Jeff Gordon’s four-win total today as he also scored his 58thseries victory.Johnson’s Lowe’s/ Kobalt Tools Chevrolet was strong throughout the race, leading five times for 99 laps-in every segment of the race-as he sped to a 4.758 sec victory over Busch.“I had a 6:00am wake-up call this morning when the cannon went off to open the track. It was loud,” said the winner, who also gave the field a ‘wake-up call’ with his dominating performance. “I thought the 24 and 2 (Gordon and Brad Keselowski) had the same pace as us but I was able to open up a good margin on the restarts.”Biffle and Busch were often victims of those restarts and each paid tribute to Johnson’s dominance.“If it wasn’t for the 48, we were probably in our own zip code on the rest of the field, but Jimmie Johnson was in his own country today, so we just couldn’t keep up with him.” Busch gushed. Biffle agreed with that evaluation: “It didn’t really matter if you were in front of him or not, he was going to pass you in about four or five laps anyway. Sometimes it’s not an advantage to be in front of him, to be honest. It puts you in a position for more guys to be battling with you than one.”Gordon, who brought Johnson to the Hendrick team as a Sprint Cup rookie, was frustrated with finishing fifth as consistency isn’t what he needs to make the Chase field. “We started in the outside lane on both of those last two restarts and that did not do us any favors. You really need to be on the inside,” Gordon said. “My car was really tight, especially on the outside lane, and a little bit in traffic, but it was fast. We proved it all day long by being really fast. But with 20 laps to go, you lose spots like that; it’s going to be hard to make it up. But we got fifth so that’s really solid.”Another driver who needs a win to get closer to making the chase is Carl Edwards who pitted his Fastenal Ford twice early-on and couldn’t recover. “We know it’s some issue. We think it’s with the ECU. We changed that along with the spark plugs, and the engine started running better, said the Edwards, who finished second to Tony Stewart in the 2011 Chase. “I don’t think we’re points racing any more. I think we are officially racing only for wins. We do not quit. We keep going. We put our best effort forth, and if it’s (making the Chase) meant to be, then it’s meant to be.”And as Johnson, crew chief Chad Knaus and team owner Rick Hendrick basked in the glow of their dominating win, it was time for JJ and Knaus to reflect on the day’s accomplishments.“Wow, man that victory lap around the track is something special,” said the five-time Sprint Cup Champion “To come here and win is a huge honor. Then to have four wins-I’m at a loss for words. Chad Knaus gave me one heck of a race car today and pit road was awesome, too.”“The guys at Hendrick Motorsports really took a lot of effort and time and paid attention to details in this race car, Knaus said. “And as we know in this industry, details are what makes the difference. Everybody at HM and especially the 48-88 shop really honed in on the two cars that we brought here.”The race was shaping up to be a fuel mileage run, but an extended caution period from laps 132-140, after an incident in the south chute involving Matt Kenseth, Joey Logano and Bobby Labonte, gave the field the extra fuel they needed to race to the end. “When the caution came out before our (fuel) window, but it was only 2-3 laps before our window, everybody was going to pit, and then try to go the rest of the way, Busch explained. “That really long caution gave everybody the fuel that they needed to in order to go the rest of the way.” But whether it was a fuel mileage race or an all-out sprint, no one was going to catch the “Johnson Rocket’ this day.He took leads on laps 29, 46, 90,101 and 132, showing his total domination of the entire event.And team owner Rick Hendrick perhaps said it best about his winning team: “These two are phenomenal. I’m glad I don’t have to race against them.” :: continue »

The Fourth Turn
July 29th 2012 - Fourth Turn- NASCAR Brickyard WeekendPaul GohdeSpeedway, INJuly 28, 2012NOTES:Observers noted that today’s Brickyard 400 crowd appeared to be about the same as last year’s. The weekend total should be :: continue »

Keselowski Loves These Bricks, Wins First Nationwide Race at IMS
July 28th 2012 - NASCAR Indiana 250 Nationwide Seriesby Paul Gohde - July 28, 2012 - Indianapolis Motor Speedway - Speedway, IndianaDanica crashes/ Sadler is black-flagged/ Kyle spins/ Brad wins #100 for the Captain.These :: continue »

The Fourth Turn
July 27th 2012 - NASCAR news to begin a busy weekend centered-around the well-kept secret that Chevrolet would compete in the Nationwide Series in 2013 with its Camaro nameplate.Ford competes in the series with its Mustang :: continue »

The Fourth Turn
July 23rd 2012 - An experiment is taking place in Indianapolis this week that could one day determine the future of the Brickyard 400 Sprint Cup race.For the first time since the IROC Series ran there in 2003, there will :: continue »

The Fourth Turn
July 16th 2012 - Racing has been getting its share of newspaper space in the past few weeks, but not all of the news has come from action on the race track.As we know, NASCAR has suspended Penske Racing driver A.J.Allmendinger :: continue »

The Fourth Turn
July 6th 2012 - With the Independence Day holiday now over, attention shifts back to the track as both NASCAR and IndyCar return to action, while Rolex Grand Am begins testing for its debut at Indianapolis. Let’s take :: continue »

2011 A Season of High and Lows
December 31st 2011 - By: Mark W. Theisen WEST BEND, WISCONSIN December 29, 2011: This time last year I was eagerly awaiting the 2011 Indianapolis 500 which was the 100th Anniversary running of the “Greatest Spectacle in Auto :: continue »

July 31st 2011 - SPEEDWAY, INDIANA July 31, 2011: The 18th running of the Brickyard 400 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway came down to a fuel mileage race and at the checkered flag it was Paul Menard holding off the fast :: continue »

Ty Dillon & Others Score in Lucas Oil Raceway Triple Header
Image Courtesy of Indy StarJuly 30th 2011 - By: Mark W. Theisen CLERMONT, INDIANA July 28, 2011: The annual Kroger Speed Fest at Lucas Oil Raceway Park opened tonight with it’s first ever Triple-Header program featuring the stock cars from the Automobile :: continue »

Timothy Peters Surprise Victor in Camping World Truck Race
July 30th 2011 - View all Photos By: Mark W. Theisen CLERMONT, INDIANA JULY 29, 2011 In rare instances in racing it just falls into place and tonight at Lucas Oil Raceway Park in :: continue »

July 30th 2011 - CLERMONT, INDIANA July 30, 2011: What looked to be a romp for Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and the Ford Mustangs from Roush Fenway Racing went away late in tonight’s Kroger 200 for the NASCAR Nationwide series :: continue »

BPS Headed to the AllState 400 and Lucas Oil Speedway
July 21st 2011 - Bronco's Pit Stop will be covering all of the racing events next week from Lucas Oil Speedway and Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The rundown of events this year will be ARCA, and Silvercrown Midgets on Thursday :: continue »

BPS would Like to Congratulate Trevor
BPS File photo by Burzy, 2007 BrickyardFebruary 20th 2011 - This win for Trevor Bayne, the Wood Brothers, and Ford, is really good for NASCAR. Way to go Trev!- BRONCO and BURZY

RACE and links

Trevor Bayne wins the Daytona ::
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85 Year Old to Race Again!
BPS File Photo by Roy Schmidt - Rockford SpeedwayFebruary 12th 2011 - The race that changed the life and career of Marvin Panch

By Marvette Panch Bagwell

Fifty years ago, Marvin Panch was about to get the opportunity of a
lifetime. After a somewhat tumultuous ::
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Jayski has all the answers!
BPS photoJanuary 21st 2011 - Cedar Falls, WI (well below zero today)-BRONCO

NASCAR fans...if you are getting that itch for the 2011 season, check out to get your NASCAR fix!

From the site...Why did Jayski start ::
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1,2,3,4,5...and Counting for Johnson
BPS File Photo, By BurzyNovember 22nd 2010 - Edwards Is Homestead Winner; Johnson Cops 5th Sprint Cup Championship Really? Really? 5 in a row? Jimmie Johnson came into the Homestead-Miami Speedway second in points and when the intensely competitive event ended, he had captured the 2010 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series championship, and his 5th in a row. Is this what NASCAR "Really" needed? - BRONCO :: continue »

NASCAR fans, where ya'll?
BPS Photo by Burzy, 2010 BrickyardNovember 10th 2010 - By Editor, Jim Gorecki

After observing that there are not as many people wearing NASCAR gear, not as many window NASCAR stickers on car and truck windows, as there was, say 5 or 10 years ago, where ::
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Wisconsin Maple Syrup Runs at Martinsville
October 20th 2010 - Anderson’s Maple Syrup taps Hermie Sadler
to pour on the speed at Martinsville

CUMBERLAND, WI (October 20, 2010) - Anderson’s Maple Syrup will have Hermie Sadler behind the wheel of the No. 71 TRG ::
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Jamie McMurray lays down rubber and blows a tire in celebration. Photo by Steve Burzynski.July 26th 2010 - Jamie McMurray took on two tires in a late race pitstop and it was clearly the right call as his tires held up until he was laying rubber across the yard of bricks in celebration. Here are the exclusive :: continue »

Photo by Steve Burzynski, BroncosPitstop.comJuly 24th 2010 - In a race that was sure to be shortened by rain, Kurt Busch held the rain off and Carl Edwards to win his second in a row at O'Reilly Raceway Park in Indianapolis, Indiana.Bronco's Pitstop photographers :: continue »

Chris Trotman Photo - Getty ImagesApril 12th 2010 - THOMPSON, CT - APRIL 11: Mike Stefanik driver of the #16 Diversified Metals/R.B. Enterprieses Pontiac leads Ryan Preece driver of the #3 Mizzy Const./Reynold's Auto Chevrolet in the 2010 Icebreaker at Thompson International Speedway on April 11, 2010 in Thompson, Connecticut. (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images for NASCAR)

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NASCAR going back to a spoiler?
Burzy photo at O.R.P. 2009March 2nd 2010 - From the Marbles Tue Mar 02, 2010 3:40 pm EST

NASCAR changing its car ... in midseason. Really.
By Jay Busbee

NASCAR is weeks away from making a small but significant change to its car, one that ::
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Wisconsin Sponsor in NASCAR Race
January 27th 2010 - Jay Robinson Racing “Fueled” by Anderson’s Maple Syrup in Oct 16 Charlotte Race

After a successful debut as primary sponsor of the Jay Robinson Racing No. 49 car earlier this year at the Milwaukee Mile, ::
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Anderson’s Maple Syrup of Cumberland WI sponsor of NASCAR Nationwide Series team at Milwaukee Mile on June 20th, 2009
January 11th 2010 - Anderson’s Maple Syrup of Cumberland WI sponsor of NASCAR Nationwide Series team at Milwaukee Mile on June 20th, 2009For Anderson’s Maple Syrup of Cumberland, WI sponsoring a NASCAR Nationwide Series team :: continue »

NASCAR Nationwide in Wisconsin in '10
Roy Schmidt photoDecember 22nd 2009 - Associated Press

ELKHART LAKE, Wis. -- NASCAR's Nationwide series will stay in Wisconsin next year, shifting its race next year to Road America from the financially troubled Milwaukee Mile.

The twisting road course in central Wisconsin will host a Nationwide race on Saturday, June 19.

That replaces the Milwaukee Mile, which will not host major racing events in 2010. The Wisconsin State Fair Park board of directors, which oversees the Milwaukee track, has been unable to make a deal with a new promoter but still hopes to bring major events back there in 2011. ::
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Danica to try NASCAR
Indy 2009 - Steve Burzynski photo BPSDecember 8th 2009 - By Jay Hart

It’s easy to say Danica Patrick will fail in NASCAR, because odds are she will. That is why she deserves credit for trying.

On Tuesday, Patrick, the wonder woman of the Indy Racing League ::
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Bronco's Pitstop @ Indianapolis Motor Speedway
July 28th 2009 - Braden Jones represented Bronco's Pitstop at the 16th annual Allstate 400 at the Brickyard. Click Here to look at the photo gallery of the day. Also, here is a short video that recaps the race and post-race press conferences. Enjoy! -Bronco var smJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "" : ""); document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + smJsHost + "/FLVPlayer_vx.x/swfobject.js' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + smJsHost + "/27747e8b8a6ef69663af69a4fff03fb3_vx.xplayer.js' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); :: continue »

Bronco's Pitstop @ The Brickyard, O'Reilly Raceway Park
Carl Edwards with Steve Burzynski, July 27th 2009 - Bronco's Pitstop was proud to be represented at the 2009 Indianapolis edition of the auto racing traveling big-top, a.k.a. NASCAR, from Friday July 25th through Sunday July 27th.Friday night (NASCAR Camping :: continue »

Bronco's Pit Stop will be at the Brickyard 400
2007 Race photo by BurzyJuly 15th 2009 - Bronco's Pit Stop will be well represented at the Brickyard 400 this year...Steve Burzynski and Braden Jones will bring you coverage...check back often! -BRONCO :: continue »

NASCAR Weekend in Milwaukee
Roy Schmidt photo from 2008 Milw. raceJune 25th 2009 - THE MILWAUKEE MILE HOSTED 550 MILES OF NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP AUTO RACING ON JUNE 20,

West Allis, Wis. (June 24, 2009) – The rich history of auto racing dates back ::
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NASCAR Trucks at the Mile

By: Mark W. Theisen

WEST ALLIS, WISCONSIN June 20, 2009: What a difference a day makes! Last night’s NASCAR scheduled Camping ::
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Carl Does It Again!

By: Mark W. Theisen

WEST ALLIS, WISCONSIN June 20, 2009 Carl Edwards returned to the track tonight that he turned ::
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NASCAR Driver Wisconsin Native
From www.MarvinPanch.comMarch 9th 2009 - Originally published in the "Progress" Edition of the Dunn County News...

Racing legend
Menomonie’s Marvin Panch won Daytona 500


Now that the NASCAR season ::
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All Photos by Steve Burzynski, Bronco's Pitstop.July 27th 2008 - By: Mark W. TheisenINDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA July 27, 2008: The 15th edition of NASCAR’s Brickyard 400 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway will go down as one of the most bizarre races in the history of NASCAR :: continue »

Busch = Win, Again
All Photos by Steve Burzynski, Bronco's Pitstop.July 27th 2008 - By: Mark Theisen CLEREMONT, INDIANA July 26, 2008: On Tuesday of this week NASCAR issued an engine rule changed aimed at slowing the dominate Toyota race teams competing in the Nationwide series after :: continue »

Johnny is the man!
Johnny Benson navigating turn one at ORP in Indianapolis. Photo by Steve Burzynski, Bronco's PitstopJuly 26th 2008 - BENSON EDGES HORNADAY IN CAUTION FILLED ORP TRUCK SERIES RACEBy: Mark W. Theisen CLERMONT, INDIANA July 25, 2008: Johnny Benson bided his time, looked for the right opening and when he saw it dove under :: continue »

45,000 See Edwards Win

By: Mark W. Theisen

WEST ALLIS, WISCONSIN June21, 2008: It an entirely different manner than what we’ve been accustomed to see, Carl Edwards ::
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Roy Schmidt Photos from Milwaukee Mile 2008 - NASCAR
June 22nd 2008 - is fortunate to have all of the people who contribute to the content. We are so honored to have a professional photographer and racing enthusiast like Roy Schmidt to submit outstanding action shots from The Milwaukee Mile and other venues.

CLICK HERE to see Roy Schmidt photos from the NASCAR weekend at the Milwaukee Mile on June 20th and 21st, 2008. ::
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June 21st 2008 - By: Mark W. Theisen WEST ALLIS, WISCONSIN June 20, 2008: Johnny Benson continued his torrid streak in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series by capturing tonight’s Camping World RV Sales 200 at the Milwaukee :: continue »

Where you going Tony?
Tony at Angel Park by Bill Fries (file photo)April 25th 2008 - Stewart exploring options that could take him from Gibbs
2008-04-25 03:04:29

By JENNA FRYER AP Auto Racing Writer

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — Tony Stewart has several different offers to leave Joe ::
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April 14th 2008 - Editor's note: My "real job" consists of representing Caterpillar and the Wisconsin and Upper Michigan Dealer, FABCO Cat. I work for the Power Systems Division, (FABCO Power Systems), all over northwest :: continue »