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NHRA Spring Report
Rock Falls Raceway (Wisconsin) file photo
Rock Falls Raceway (Wisconsin) file photo
April 13th 2010 - By Dee Lindbeck

WOW! If you haven't seen NHRA drag racing yet in 2010 you're really missing out! First of
all, the Top Fuel and Funny Cars are still racing to the 1000 foot mark (and the
controversy over that is still on) while all other classes are racing to the full quarter
mile ( 1320 feet).

You take 8000 HP per car in Top Fuel & Funny Car, then stand near the starting line when
two of them it makes your hair stand on end, your insides shake and your
eyeballs shimmy for the first 100 to 200 feet of the run! If you blink twice, they're on
the finish line in T.F.= 3.79 seconds going 322 mph, & F.C.= 4.02 seconds at 316 mph.

Now NHRA with South Carolina's four-wide Nationals jumped off the hook! The track has
four lanes (instead of the normal two) with a cement barrier in between lanes 2 & 3. They
run Pro Stock Cars, Pro Stock Motorcycles, Top Fuel & Funny Cars side by side by side by
side. Now I ask you, if T.F. & F. C. Already make your body react like that, what will
32,000 HP with four wide do? I can tell you, I'm going next year to find out! If you love
speed 300-325 mph. In 1000 feet, like I do, it makes my year! Ground pounding, ear
piercing (bring ear plugs), nitro burning (eyes watering) drag racing at it's best!!!!
When the nitro cleared, the winner of Top Fuel = Cory McClenathan, Funny Car = John
Force, Pro Stock Car = Mike Edwards & Pro Stock Motorcycle = Matt Smith. Now there is big
controversy with Bruton Smith who built the 4 lane wide ZMAX raceway to bring darg racing
forward. Race fane & race drivers alike are voting both ways. Stick around and see what

With cars racing with nitro still blowing up, some drivers feel we need more fuel
reulations to control these motors to keep them from "bombing". Suzuki droped a
bunch of weight to compete better with the Harleys & Buell's in motorcycle.
Ashley Force Hood is currently the fastest women driver in the 1000 ft. mark with the 316
mph. She ran at the gator nationals. John Force (dad) is leading the points in Funny Car
with 2 wins in the first four events. Cory McClenathan is leading in Top Fuel with 2 wins
in four events. Mike Edwards is dominating again this year in Pro Stock Car. Motorcycles
only have 2 events down. Stay tuned, I promise you in will be GREAT! Go Full Throddle or
Go Home!!!!!

EDITOR's NOTE: Dee and I used to work together, and our racing friendship was formed from the first time I met her. She is my "go to gal" when it comes to the NHRA. Dee is a real race fan! Thanks Dee! - BRONCO