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May 24th 2009 - Written by: Steve Burzynski

I typically tell my stories visually through the camera lens, but I have such a new respect and appreciation for Helio Castoneves, this year’s winner of the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race, that I just can’t keep silent.

I first saw Helio at the track the second weekend of qualifying and immediately said to myself, “this looks like a guy who has been through a struggle.”  Of course he was his ever-friendly, jovial and smiley self, but it was obvious he had lost a fair amount of weight and you could see how the last year had effected him.

I don’t want to make this a political article, but suffice it to say, I was so overjoyed and relieved when Helio came out of the IRS “lynching” free and clear of any wrong doing.

I use the term “lynching” because that is exactly what it was.  They have the power to ruin people’s lives and reputations, even when they are 100% innocent.

It angered me to see so much of the main-stream media jump right on the “lynch-train” and write negative and scarring articles.  Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?  It just doesn’t exist, especially with the class-warfare our main-stream media has created.  It’s gotten to the point where if someone makes millions of dollars and the IRS brings a charge against them, then they are automatically guilty.

What a pitiful state we are in when the main-stream media fuels such envy and jealousy toward people who have risen to the top of their game, sacrificed everything (literally everything) and shine like the sun.

We should be praising people like Helio.  Not only for this great victory today at the Indy 500, but also because of what he has accomplished in life.
After today’s race I was able to shake Helio’s hand and congratulate him on a great victory.  In my mind, I was congratulating him for much more than today’s win at the 2009 Indy 500.