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July 6th 2009 - By Dan Margetta

Slinger, Wis., June 21—Jamie Wallace held off a hard charging Michael Bilderback to capture his second super late model feature win of the season in the PMF Landscape Supply 60 Sunday night at the Slinger Super Speedway.

“All these competitors out here are so tough,” Wallace stated from victory lane after turning back Bilderback’s challenge following a late caution flag with three laps to go, “we didn’t need that yellow with three to go, but it worked out fine.”

Rich Loch set the pace at the drop of the green flag as Wallace settled into second ahead of Al Schill, Conrad Morgan, and Bilderback, who was making his first appearance of the season at the world’s fastest quarter-mile oval.  Loch’s machine began to show wisps of smoke in the early laps but he was able to maintain the lead until lap five when the billows of smoke erupted from his car, producing the caution flag and ending his night. Wallace inherited the lead for the restart and he held the advantage over Schill and Morgan as racing resumed. Behind the top three, Bilderback and Brad Mueller disputed fourth place with Mueller taking the position on lap 13 as  Dennis Prunty moved up to challenge the top five. Prunty was the car on the move during the first half as he drove past both Bilderback and Mueller to secure the fourth spot by lap 25 and immediately began to go to work on Morgan for third. As Prunty and Morgan battled, Wallace and Schill were able to distance themselves from the rest of the field with Wallace comfortably ahead by nearly a straightaway. With Wallace cruising out front, Bilderback retook the fifth slot on lap 30 while Prunty ran down Schill for second in traffic. As Wallace appeared to have the race in hand during the late laps, Bilderback and Mueller raced their way to fourth and fifth respectively as David Prunty also moved forward in sixth. The race took a drastic turn on lap 57 when Dennis Prunty’s car slipped in turn one and before he could regain control, tagged the back of Schill, sending him around as the caution flag waved. The cars of Schill and Dennis Prunty were sent to the tail of the field for the final three lap shootout restart with Wallace now leading over Bilderback, Mueller, and David Prunty. Wallace chose the inside line and Bilderback took to the outside as the race resumed and after making numerous unsuccessful tries in the high line which included a minor scuff against the backstretch wall, Bilderback quickly ducked to the inside with less than two laps to go. Wallace was up to the challenge however and he was able to maintain the lead, driving under the checkered flag for his second super late model feature win of the season.

Bilderback settled for a strong second place finish and was satisfied with his result. “This is first time here with the super late this season, “Bilderback said afterwards. “To come home second with the car mostly in one piece makes it a great run.”

Dennis Prunty charged all the way back up to third in the final laps while David Prunty nudged Brad Mueller for the fourth spot at the finish. Dale Prunty finished sixth while Al Schill and Lowell Bennett were seventh and eighth respectively. Steve Apel and Randy Schuler rounded out the top ten finishers.

Tommy Hromadka was the winner of the 20-lap super late model semi-feature over Cardell Potter and Ron Ragan. Nathan Matz and Jerry Eckhardt completed the top five. Al Schill was the winner of the super late model fast dash and David Prunty was the fastest qualifier at 11.586 seconds.

David McCardle took top honors in the 35-lap late model feature, leading start to finish in an event that ran caution-free despite a few single car spins.

McCardle launched to the lead at the start with Chris Blawat in second ahead of Brad Keith and Trevor Dassow. With McCardle and Blawat racing nose to tail out front, Dassow took third place from Keith on lap three after some aggressive racing while Ryan DeStefano and Rob Braun battled over fourth. Pat McIntee’s car looped around in turn one on lap six but the race remained green with McCardle continuing to hold the point over Blawat and Dassow while Scott Ascher closed on DeStefano and Braun in the race for the fourth position. Ascher moved past Braun for fifth on lap 11 and then passed DeStefano to take fourth on lap 19 while McCardle continued to lead with Blawat and Dassow lined up directly in his tire tracks. Rob Myers’ car spun in turn four on lap 20 but once again the caution flag did not appear while Steve Apel moved into the top five. McCardle would not be denied during the final laps as he drove to the victory over Blawat and Dassow while Ascher and Apel rounded out the top five. Blawat was also the winner of the late model fast dash and Trevor Dassow was the fastest qualifier after turning in a lap of 12.371 seconds.

Dave Thomas won the 35-lap Midwest Sportsman feature after an intense battle with Mike Borchardt, Mike Graczkowski, and Jeff Holtz.

Scott Shambeau led the opening laps while Thomas slotted in second ahead of Tom Elsinger, Graczkowski, Mark Kissinger, and Holtz. Graczkowski moved to third place on lap eight and two laps later, Thomas was able to duck to the inside of Shambeau to take the lead while Holtz and Borchardt advanced forward to battle with the leaders. Kissinger suffered apparent suspension issues on lap 13 and the yellow flag flew when his car became disabled near the turn two track exit. Thomas led over Graczkowski and Holtz on the restart and each took their turns at trying to mount challenges for the lead, but Thomas’ car handled well on the inside and he maintained the point. Austin Luedtke spun in turn one while racing with Gregg Pawelski on lap 23 to draw the second caution flag of the event. Thomas held the inside for the restart and as racing resumed, Holtz used the high line to move alongside for the lead. Holtz stood on the gas in the high line and kept pace alongside Thomas for several laps before Thomas was able to gain an edge when Holtz couldn’t keep his car from moving up the track in the turns. Borchardt took advantage of Holtz’s situation in the high groove to take over second place on lap 29 while Thomas continued to lead. Thomas drove to the win over Borchardt while Graczkowski also was able to edge past Holtz to finish third, leaving Holtz with fourth. Jay Shambeau finished in fifth.  The win was extra special for Thomas on PMF Landscape night, PMF just happens to be a sponsor on his car. Gregg Pawelski topped the Midwest Sportsman fast dash and Mike Graczkowski topped qualifying at 12.803 seconds.

Justin Okruhlica worked the high groove to take the lead on lap ten and then drove to the victory in the 25-lap Sport Mod feature. Tim Bell parlayed a late race charge into a second place finish while Matt Pate crossed the finish line in third. Bill Prietzel drove a Bill Tandetzke owned modified to a fourth place finish while Eddie Bentfield was fifth. John Kruschel took top honors in the Sport Mod fast dash and Ron Schmitt first got married at the speedway and then set fast time with a lap of 12.395 seconds.

Eric Lingford led flag to flag to score a convincing win in the 20-lap Thunderstock main event. Stephanie Losiniecki took the checkered flag for a solid second place finish ahead of a fast closing Aaron Cain in third. Jerry Kulas Jr. and Rick Schaefer finished in fourth and fifth place respectively. Andy Welter took top honors in the Thunderstock fast dash and Aaron Cain circled the speedway in 13.560 seconds to become the division’s fastest qualifier.

Erik Long won the 18-lap Slinger Bee feature event over John DeAngelis and Mike Lang. Much of the race saw Long and Mike Lang battle side by side before Long pulled ahead for the lead. Alex Prunty finished in fourth place and Joe Lang crossed the finish line in fifth. Joe Lang was also the Slinger Bee fastest qualifier after posting a lap of 16.076 seconds. Joe DeStefano Jr. was the winner of the Speedway Guest Car race and Bill Corallini drove his Honda to victory in the Spectator Eliminator races. Scott Goetzke closed the evening with a win in the Figure 8 race.

JUNE 21, 2009
1. Jamie Wallace (Genoa City)
2. Michael Bilderback (South Beloit, IL)
3. Dennis Prunty (Lomira)
4. David Prunty (Brownsville)
5. Brad Mueller (Random Lake)
6. Dale Prunty (Allenton)
7. Al Schill (Franklin)
8. Lowell Bennett (Neenah)
9. Steve Apel (Colgate)
10. Randy Schuler (Mequon)
11. Mike Meyerhofer (Burlington)
12. Mike Egan (Slinger)
13. Scott Schoeni (Slinger)
14. Tommy Hromadka (Brookfield)
15. Cardell Potter (Camp Douglas)
16. Josh Wallace (Genoa City)
17. Conrad Morgan (Wales)
18. Travis Dassow (West Bend)
19. Jon Reynolds Jr. (Rockford, IL)
20. Rich Loch (Muskego)

1. Tommy Hromadka (Brookfield)
2. Cardell Potter (Camp Douglas)
3. Ron Ragan (Hartford)
4. Nathan Matz (Lake Geneva)
5. Jerry Eckhardt (Johnson Creek)
SUPER LATE MODEL FASTEST QUALIFIER- David Prunty (Brownsville) 11.586 seconds
1. Dave McCardle (Menomonee Falls)
2. Chris Blawat (Eagle)
3. Trevor Dassow (West Bend)
4. Scott Ascher (Sussex)
5. Steve Apel (Colgate)

LATE MODEL FASTEST QUALIFIER-Trevor Dassow (West Bend) 12.371 seconds

1. Dave Thomas (Franklin)
2. Mike Borchardt (Greenfield)
3. Mike Graczkowski (Jackson)
4. Jeff Holtz (Muskego)
5. Jay Shambeau (Hubertus)
MIDWEST SPORTSMAN FASTEST QUALIFIER- Mike Graczkowski (Jackson) 12.803 seconds
1. Justin Okruhlica (Jackson)
2. Tim Bell (Johnsburg, IL)
3. Matt Pate (Menomonee Falls)
4. Bill Prietzel (Richfield)
5. Eddie Bentfield (Goerkes Corners)
SPORT MOD FASTEST QUALIFIER-Ron Schmitt (Jackson) 12.395 seconds
1. Eric Lingford (Franklin)
2. Stephanie Losiniecki (Slinger)
3. Aaron Cain (Slinger)
4. Jerry Kulas Jr. (West Allis)
5. Rick Schaefer (Hartford)
THUNDERSTOCK FASTEST QUALIFIER-Aaron Cain (Slinger) 13.560 seconds

1. Erik Long (Brookfield)
2. John DeAngelis (Hubertus)
3. Mike Lang (Iron Ridge)
4. Alex Prunty (Lomira)
5. Joe Lang (Neosho)

SLINGER BEES FASTEST QUALIFIER- Joe Lang (Neosho) 16.076 seconds
SPECTATOR ELIMINATOR- Bill Corallini (North Lake)
FIGURE 8 WINNER-Scott Goetzke (Iron Ridge)