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Why the Milk @ Indy 500 Winners Circle?
2010 Indy Practice, Photo by Burzy of BPS
2010 Indy Practice, Photo by Burzy of BPS
May 3rd 2011 - Dear Yahoo!:
Why does the winner of the Indy 500 drink milk?
Speed Racer

Dear Speed Racer:
Milk became the drink of champions after Louis Meyer, the winner of the 1936 Indianapolis 500, was photographed gulping down a bottle of buttermilk, his favorite drink. Apparently, his mom had recommended the drink, claiming it would refresh him.
The photo found its way to the desk of an executive at the Milk Foundation who, seeing a rare promo opportunity, "made sure that from that year on the winner of the race received a bottle of milk to drink." A tradition was born. Not surprisingly, the National Dairy Council supports this ritual, calling the celebratory chugging of the milk, "a winning example for people everywhere who are looking to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle."

The victory milk is just one of may long standing traditions associated with the Indy 500, but if PETA has its way, it will soon come to an end. The organization is looking to end the drinking of the milk, claiming it to be a "beverage born out of cruelty to baby calves" and a "racist drink."


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