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Radiator Springs comes to Eau Claire
Mader photos by Jim Gorecki
Mader photos by Jim Gorecki
July 18th 2007 - “Tow Mader” Spotted in Eau Claire, WI

By Jim BRONCO Gorecki

Eau Claire, WI July 2007

The self proclaimed “world’s best backup driver” from the Disney-Pixar film, “Cars”, was recently spotted in Eau Claire, WI, and not in the factious Radiator Springs where Tow Mader resides in the movies.  Located in West-central Wisconsin, Eau Claire is home of Springbrook Towing, which is owned and operated by “Moose” Hase.

The tow truck was the original company tow truck that Moose purchased in 1979.  In reality, it is a 1956 Chevy 4100.  The past few years, it has been sitting in the backyard of the shop, just taking up some space.  Moose and his son Mike have toyed with the idea of restoring it to its original condition, but it has been one of those projects “we just didn’t get to.”

It wasn’t until the CARS movie was released, that the grandkids (Michael 4, Jonathan 6, Kaitlyn 4, and Amy 2) of Moose asked him, “Why is Mader parked out back?”  Moose replied to me, “That built a fire under me, and I decided to ‘get er done’ in time for the 4th of July holiday.”  The truck was orange originally, but has almost the exact profile of the animated tow truck from the movie.

With some help from son Mike, Moose and body shop crew Steve, Aaron, and Rich, the transformation to Mader was completed just prior to the 4th of July Parade in Rock Falls, WI.  “It was unreal, during the parade, I had a CD in the back playing “Life is a Highway”, and my wife Dawn rode with me, the windows (tinted windows complet with eyeballs) were closed, so the little kids really thought that was Mater.  They’d come right up to the truck and talk to it!”

Moose has created something that is going to be bigger than even he has anticipated.  “We’ve had hundreds of people stop by, some with kids, and some adults, just to take pictures.  It really has been something.”  Moose plans on using the truck in parades, or in benefits for children.  Hase added, “I like to see a kid smile, and what is that worth?  To me, you can’t put a price on that.”

For information about Tow Mader, you can contact Moose Hase at Springbrook Towing, (715)-874-6738.