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Oh what was in Pewaukee, Wisconsin!
Jerry Hansen & Bud Classerath, Mike Odell photo
Jerry Hansen & Bud Classerath, Mike Odell photo
December 22nd 2008 - EDITOR NOTE: For nearly ten years, I lived in Pewaukee, just 1 mile from this old racetrack site, and never new it. Even my brother Mike never heard of it, and that is saying something! I now live 300 miles northwest of the old track site, and I find it on the web! In 1996, I was delivering a free shopper newspaper, and I delivered in what is now Lynndale Farms Subdivision...some of the same roads were the track! I am seeking photos from this me with any info! -BRONCO

Chicagoland Sports Car Club presents a tribute to "Lynndale Farms Raceway" Pewaukee, Wisconsin. Lynndale Farms Raceway was a well-designed and fun-to-drive road racing course situated about 20 miles west of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It opened in 1963 and closed in 1967. This website is dedicated to the memory of that short life, attempting to capture some of the fun that it provided to the racers and workers of that time. If the knowledge of the enjoyment the track provided to so many is of some solace to the many racing fan investors who fought valiantly to keep the track afloat, that is good, too. Thank you and please accept this site as a small tribute to you for your efforts.

Didja know? \"Lynndale Blue\" was a color offered only on Corvettes, and only in 1967.

Thanks to Odell, Elgin, IL) for these photos and the information about them. Mike has a website where he offers these photos and thousands of other racing memories for sale.
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