Working A Social Escort Job In Singapore – What To Expect

Here is what to expect if you are intending to pick up a social escort job in Singapore.

For the sake of this post, we will only talk about female escorts in SG.


  • This is one of the biggest attractions of being a social escort in SG. Claims of high earnings through the Internet, Reddit, HWZ, etc are rampant. However, you may want to note that most of these earnings are overly inflated to attract girls to join the trade. The reality is more moderate.
  • It is true that girls can make $200 to $500 per hour working as an escort, be it as independents or with a social escort agency.
  • However, let’s be realistic. If you take an average of $300 per hour, you will need to see at least 1 client per day for every day of every month to average $9000 a month. Are you willing and able to attract 1 client every single day for the rest of your career? This is heavily dependent on your availability, attractiveness and service. There may be times where you are constantly booked and hired, and with lots of repeat customers, however, there may be low times as well. However, on the whole, it is definitely very reasonable to expect to make $1000 to $3000 per month ore more just with a few hours worked.

Time/commitment required:

  • You are often required to work ‘on-call’. Just like a doctor on shift, you will be notified when there is a client and you are expected to travel fast to the location.
  • Most escorts are either students, or working. This means that as long as your availability and schedule can be adjusted around to accommodate for any kind of meeting timings, then you can continue doing whatever you want.
  • However, if your timing is very rigid, then there is not much point for you to being an escort – because you will be like a doctor working ‘on-call’ but never available. In this case, you will probably be fired soon enough.


  • Just like when you go on a date from a guy off Tinder, Seeking Arrangement, OkCupid or whatnot, every single date and guy is different. Therefore, expecting the same thing every date is quite unrealistic.
  • There will be guys who may ask you to do weird stuff, there are also guys who will not ask you to. It is once again tied back to the first point. Here’s a quick read on what type of men to expect to meet when working as a social escort.
  • It is best that you research more online on forums, Reddit AMAs, e.t.c. to truly understand what is required of you as an escort worker in Singapore. Unfortunately for you, there is no ‘on job training’ as an escort. You are thrown in the deep ends of the pool and left to survive on your own. There is a reason why you are paid so highly.